Are you a medical provider that specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?  FANTASTIC!  So step one is cleared...however, are you fully booked for the week? about for the month?  Now that you have spent all of the money in learning the therapy, having your staff learn about it as well and acquiring the ever valuable testosterone or estradiol pellets, it's time to get MORE clients!  


Why Echo out of everybody? 

This one is simple:  SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE

  • SKILLS:  Our team knows how to get customers, clients and patients across any industry.  So we understand consumer behavior and where to find them.  The ideal patient for you will be found on Facebook and on Google...plain and simple.  We can pinpoint your audience, present their problem and your solution in one simple and direct advertising campaign. 
  • KNOWLEDGE:  Our founder is intimately familiar with pellet therapy as he was over the pellet compounding segment for over four years.  He understands the economics of it and how valuable a client is for practices as one client can visit 2-4 times per year for the same cash producing procedure! 

Let's get you more patients! 

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