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The why

Consumers want to see your WEBSITE, want to see your reviews on GOOGLE MAPS, but also want to see you on SOCIAL MEDIA!  Don't let "I don't have time" be the excuse that takes your customers to your competitors!   Also, you do not need to increase your payroll by hiring a Social Media Manager as the average salary runs $61,000 (   The Online Impact adds to your Social Media package by creating and managing online profiles that affect your ranking on search engines.  In other words, we organically improve your Search Engine Optimization.  

THe Why Us

Allow us to be your Social Media Managers for a fraction of the price!  We are an expense and do not increase your payroll taxes, you do not have to offer us health benefits and we do not take up additional space in your practice, office or place of business. more thing...we are PROFESSIONALS and do this for a living! 

  1. We collaborate to understanding your company's needs and goals.
  2. We then design the campaign and select the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) 
  3. We PERFORM!  
Custom Social Media Strategy

SM Account Setups

3 Platform (Daily)

Custom Cover Pages

Spam Removal

Reputation Management

Online Profile Setups
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