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The Why

Having a strategy outside of social media is important to capture a wider audience and an absolute must as some consumers are more intentional about their search. We have all heard the phrase "google it"... and that is precisely where you want to appear (along with other sites).  However, there's an issue...there is only a certain amount of spots on the first page.  And why is that important?  Well...92% of your customers STOP at page 1 and never visit page 2, 3, 4, 84, etc... (

the why us

We craft a strategy independent of social media to place you on key search engines, directories and industry influencing websites.   Many of the sites are free to create a profile on...but to really drive and maximize your investment, we design customized, advertising campaigns for your business.   We provide a more holistic approach outside of Google and provide your business a more complete online résumé

Custom Social Media Strategy

SM Account Setups

4 Platforms (Daily)

Custom Cover Pages

Spam Removal

Reputation Management

Online Profile Setups

Social Media Advertising

Lead Generation

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Online Search Advertising

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