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The Why

You may not have the audience you need for your business or are just starting out. Or are finding that your Social Media Management IS WORKING, but you want to grow FASTER!  Absolutely nothing wrong with ambitious goals!  This is where PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING comes in.  Social Media Advertising is where many companies (your competitors) gravitate towards as the daily consumer spends 135 MINUTES on social media. (

the why us

We KNOW how to run effective campaigns that will not blow through your budget.  We understand margins and finances may be tight, so we ensure that we run the highest quality ads that CONVERT.

Know that we understand where you are coming from.  We do everything possible to provide as much value to you up front, with little monetary commitment on your part and at the same time delivery EXPLOSIVE returns

We match your goals with the amount of spend needed to make those goals a reality...simple as that.  

Custom Social Media Strategy

SM Account Setups

3 Platforms (Daily)

Custom Cover Pages

Spam Removal

Reputation Management

Online Profile Setups

Social Media Advertising

Lead Generation

Monthly Strategy Sessions
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